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7 AI Trends That Will Leave ChatGPT Behind

Let’s be real for a second. You’re probably not ready for the AI Revolution, but that is completely fine because most people, including me, are just figuring these things out as we go. The key thing to keep in mind as we enter this new phase of human technological progress is to keep your eyes open and be ready to adjust fast. Easier said than done, but the good news is that by reading this article, you’re already in the camp of people who are actively seeking this knowledge, which puts you on the right side of history.

Now, all we need to do is figure out what these changes are going to be so we can adjust in time. And that’s exactly what this article is about. I’m going to tell you about some of the biggest trends that are going to develop in AI over the course of 2023, so that once they hit, you’re ready. So stay tuned to find out how AI is changing the game behind the scenes today and in public very, very soon.

Here’s my list of Seven AI Predictions that will unfold over 2023

1. AI Generated Video (Text-To-Video)

And the first one comes from a currently nascent giant in the space: Meta/Facebook. It’s no secret that they’ve been struggling over the past two years with the refocus to the Metaverse, and not much to show for it yet. They’re falling behind a lot of these other tech companies that own the platforms that the internet is happening on today. And that’s why they need to keep up in AI here – they can’t just watch from the sidelines; that is very clear. And they have definitely been working behind the scenes here.

One thing I want to show you the next big thing, once it’s ready: It’s AI-generated video. I mean, it only makes sense. Now, we’re able to generate images and text, and all videos are 24 images per second. Now, obviously, it’s exponentially more complicated than images. But now that we have images, it’s not unthinkable anymore, right? So, here’s a Verge article where they showed off some of their AI-generated videos that their very own in-house AI is producing.

Verge Article-Meta new AI generated video text to video

Are these amazing? No, and that’s why they’re not public yet. This is just a glimpse of the future. But I personally can’t think of a bigger game-changer for the content creation industry than this feature coming out. Stock footage? Why would I ever use that again if I could custom-generate every single clip I need with a few clicks? Now, to be fair, we might not see this in 2023 yet because it’s just so early, and this is a very hard problem to solve.

But, I think they’ll be rushing to market with some AI product and maybe we’ll see early demos. But, what we see already and most people don’t know about this are these diplomacy bots developed by Meta/Facebook.

diplomacy bots developed by Meta-Facebook

So, the funny thing about this one is, in all the tests, it can outman people in a complex game like diplomacy, where it’s always about finding compromises and giving something up to achieve your goals. And the whole thing is about predicting humans’ next moves, as maybe a computer would do when it plays chess.

Meta AI Chatbot

The funny thing about this is, in the game of diplomacy, there are no constraints or rules like in chess, right, or very little. So, keep your eyes open for Meta coming out with game-changing technology here, because, as you might know, one of the most valuable things in this game is the data set you train the AI on.

And Meta has one of the most interesting and unique data sets in the world. Between Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, they know a lot more about human behavior than maybe any other company in the world. And, as you can see with these examples, they’re clearly not asleep at the wheel.

2. Copyright Lawsuits (AI Copyright Nightmares)

My next prediction, which is actually less of a prediction and more of a thing that has already started happening, is the copyright mess we have gotten ourselves into with all the AI technology. The way these models function is by learning from data and then having a layer of human interaction that teaches the code what’s good and bad. However, the fact remains that every single output is just a remix of some other data. This is causing a lot of anger among artists, and it’s understandable.

The verge article midjourney copyright lawsuit
The verge article Midjourney copyright lawsuit

Imagine you’ve spent your whole life perfecting your craft and developing a unique style. Then, suddenly, an AI reads it and creates an infinite amount of work in your style, just by including your name. That really sucks. Some artists are already protesting, such as a group who is targeting Mid-Journey with a copyright lawsuit, claiming that their outputs are plagiarized from other artists’ work.

However, everything I’m saying right now is also a remix of what I’ve heard and learned throughout my life. With text, there are clear regulations and laws in place, but with AI, it’s not so clear. This year will be messy when it comes to figuring out some of these laws, so be extra careful when using AI output and aware that some rights could potentially be taken away from you retroactively. This issue affects the art and imagery side more than text, but just be aware that something is happening.

3. GPT-4

But now, let’s talk about GPT4. Now, this was a massive story over the past few weeks, right? This data is not confirmed, by the way, but it has been going viral all over social media.

GPT-4 Data

So, on the left, you can see GPT3, the model that the ChatGPT is based on. It’s GPT3.5, but essentially this is how many data points it’s based on right now. And on the right, you can see how much information GPT4 consumes to be trained – a metric ton squared more. So, is it going to be that much better? We don’t know. Is this accurate? We don’t know. None of this has been confirmed by Open AI, but the fact is GPT4 is going to use all the data that we have been inputting into ChatGPT on a daily basis.

The verge article on GPT 4
The verge article on GPT 4

I mean, heck, just with the amount of experimentation I’ve done myself, they’re going to be able to train one hell of a content creation bot. But again, I always just use it as inspiration; just like every article, I’m free-flowing a few bullet points here. All I do use it extensively for research. But the point is, GPT4 is going to be ridiculous. And we just don’t know how ridiculous.

This is just an estimate. But at the end of the day, it’s not just going to have all the data we’re training it with right now. It might just have access to the internet. Again, we don’t know. But as the competition heats up in the course of the year, some of these players will be forced to plug this into the internet and to give consumers the best possible product in order to compete. So, keep your eyes peeled.

4. AI Generated Content (AI Media)

Let’s talk about AI-generated content that will definitely be another big trend happening this year: “Music, books, and movies”, where, at the very least, the script is generated by AI. But in the case of movies, you could easily write an entire movie script with AI. And then generate storyboards with Mid Journey that you could then reenact. I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this.

It’s a massive opportunity to create the first fully AI-generated movie, right? People are surely working on this, rushing even, because some of these opportunities will only be valuable when you’re the first one to do it. If you’re second, you might as well be 200. That’s why I think we’ll see our first AI-generated movie in 2023.

On the easier side, generating books or musical symphonies with AI is a big opportunity this year. Voice generators are really good, and people are plugging this new tech into all types of software. The attention is there and people are curious about what AI can do for them. This novelty is naturally sparking human attention. So, I see a ton of opportunities happening across all of media, including YouTube. If you know how to use this technology, the level of quality you can deliver as a content creator is unmatched.

I also want to talk about AI-powered games, which are further down the line but just years, not decades. Role-playing games, where every character has a ChatGPT built-in, will have legit personalities that can answer any question. As an avid gamer and RPG enthusiast, I can’t wait for the moment when I plug into one of these worlds that are actually alive and use a mic to communicate with the characters around me.

If you take that a step further and do MMORPG, you’ll have a bunch of human characters, and then all of these NPCs will have personal realities of their own that can interact with you. Meta is likely to be at the forefront of this, as their entire Metaverse idea is kind of like an MMORPG on steroids. And if you add AI deck into interactive NPCs, you’ll quickly get products that we’ve never seen before.

5. AI Scams

The next one, which is a very important one, is that many scams are going to pop up around this entire topic. And it just makes sense: we’re entering uncharted territory, and people don’t know what to expect, making them more vulnerable to malicious actors. Honestly, we’re already seeing this all across the content space.

AI Scams APPs

If you look at all these new AI apps, a lot of them are on the edge of the gray zone, or even beyond that gray zone where it’s just a clear grift. I mean, putting up an app in the Android App Store where you simply plug ChatGPT into it and charge eight dollars a month, in my book, is not fine.

Even a member of my family just sent me a video of ‘Wow, look at this amazing AI app. It’s just eight dollars a month, and you can refer friends to get free credits,’ but all it is is ChatGPT with a graphical user interface. I mean, fair enough, that one is still in the gray zone because it gives you the added value of some presets, but you might as well read articles like this and find out about them yourselves and save your eight dollars for something more meaningful.

So, just be on the lookout for scams and fake experts increasingly streaming into the space, as the hype around this technology is very real, but for a good reason. This is actually game-changing technology that we need to master and not ignore.

6. Rise Of Prompt Engineers (Prompt Engineering)

Next point – and that is the rise of prompt engineers. Now, if you’re still not familiar with the prompt, which is essentially the question you put into the AI so it generates an answer. And what I see already happening is people who are advanced with their prompting getting a serious advantage over those who completely ignore this.

And yes, just simply integrating ChatGPT into your daily workflows gives you an advantage over everybody else. That’s just a fact. But what I mean with this prediction is that people who go deeper and become advanced at prompting will become invaluable assets to a lot of businesses. Think of it like a consultant with 40 years of experience.

Because once you’re able to ask the right questions, these language models will deliver answers that go beyond anything a human could come up with in just seconds – a true superpower! And, as you might know, this entire website is based around teaching you these superpowers, so you can get the advantage you deserve.

7. AI Turning Into Commodity (AI Commodities)

AI might turn into a commodity over the course of the next year. Now, what that means is that so many competitors are going to enter the market in 2023 that Open AI will not remain the only cool kid on the block. With major players like Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Facebook entering the game soon, we will witness a literal race to deliver killer apps.

Google is the wildcard here because they are already the king in the category of search. The podcast brought up the fascinating topic of how Google is actually the one interested in scorching the Earth, AKA releasing a model to the public that sets all things equal and allows them to remain king. In other words, there are massive incentives at play in making this freely available, just like Stable Diffusion is right now with AI generation.

Once it’s freely available, everyone can build on it and everybody can integrate it. And if all these language models are at one level, Google will still have the upper hand with the best search, because they’re number one already. This kind of brings together all the predictions we’ve been talking about here.

If these companies are going to one-up each other and bring things to market faster and better, at the end of the year, we’re going to find out that it was a fantastic year for the consumer – you and me. We’re going to get to use a lot of this cutting-edge tech. In the 90s, for example, a lot of the best technology was protected and safeguarded by companies like IBM, and they profited from all the benefits.

But here, if you keep your eyes open and stay up to date with all the latest things in AI, there’s a realistic chance of you getting that advantage.


  1. What is AI Generated Video?

    AI Generated Video is a new technology in AI that creates video based on generated text. It's a huge game-changer for the content creation industry.

  2. Are AI Generated Videos ready for public use?

    No, the technology is still in its early stages and requires further development. There might be early demos in 2023.

  3. What company is working on AI Generated Video?

    Meta/Facebook is working on AI Generated Video and is ahead of other companies in the field. They have a vast data set collected from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp that is valuable in training AI.

  4. What is the issue with AI and Copyright Lawsuits?

    AI creates outputs that are a remix of existing data, which is causing anger among artists who feel their work is being plagiarized. There are no clear laws and regulations in place for AI output, and this year will be messy in terms of figuring out these laws.

  5. What is GPT-4?

    GPT-4 is the latest version of OpenAI's language model. It's a massive improvement over its previous versions and has been generating a lot of buzz in the tech industry.

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