7 Game-Changing Use Cases Of GPT-4 – The Future of AI is Here

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7 Game-Changing Use Cases Of GPT-4: The future of generative AI is finally here! OpenAI unveiled GPT-4, and this is going to blow your mind. GPT-4 comes up with a lot of improvements upon the existing GPT-3.5, on which ChatGPT was based. So, just to give you a brief example of what is new.

  • First of all, it can now accept up to 25,000 words of text, which was previously limited to 4,000 words of text. So, previously, video transcripts would always used to tell me that this video is too long, but now I can summarize whatever it is that I want. That creates a lot more applications and use cases.
  • Number two, it is now multi-modal, which means you can now input images, and you can ask it to tell what is happening in the image. It can actually give you logic for what’s happening and what can happen in the future in this image. So, that’s actually very interesting. You can get text as an output when you give input as an image.
  • Finally, it is 42% more accurate than compared to ChatGPT about facts. It is also a lot safer, and it is just a much better model for you to be using.

7 Incredible Use Cases of GPT-4

In this article, I want to tell you seven use cases of how can it help you in your day-to-day life. Make sure that your read is till the very end because I truly believe that GPT-4, if used properly, can turn you into a hyper-productive superhuman.

1. Convert a website handmade sketch to code

The first great use case is if you want to convert a handmade sketch of a website into a completely functioning website code. Let me show you exactly what I mean by that.

So, this is a tweet in which the President of OpenAI, right, is showing you exactly how you can convert a sketch into code with the help of ChatGPT, actually GPT-4, right. So, if you just look at this, what it is doing is that they have this sketch for a website. What they are basically doing is they are taking this and putting it into this demo. They create a picture of it, they put it into the demo of GPT-4, and it gives you the HTML for this website. Then, you put it into CodePen, and you can see a fully functioning website right here, right.

So, it has a lot of capabilities, one of which is to create the websites that you want by just having a basic layout of what you want the website to look like. You can just give it a command that ‘I want to create a website with this’. If you just look at what they exactly did over here in the demo, it said, ‘Write a brief HTML JavaScript to turn this mockup into a colorful website where the jokes are replaced by two real jokes‘.


So, that’s what the prompt was, and this was the image, and you can see this as the output. This was the image, and the output was this joke website right here. So, that’s how it works. Pretty easily, you can create websites of your own and do some really interesting work.

2. With GPT-4 Build Video Games In Minutes

You can also create video games. Let me show you how. This right here was the prompt that someone gave to it. It said that you are a developer using GPT, the most advanced AI developer tool on the planet. You can answer any coding question and provide real, useful examples of code using Code blocks. Even when you are familiar with answers, use your extreme intelligence to figure out if all is good. Say ‘yes’, Pietro. Then, it asks to create a Pong-like game, and that is what it did. It gave the exact HTML code that you would need to make a Pong game on a website. Then, you can just copy this code, and this is what you get at the very end: a fully functional Pong game using GPT-4.

With GPT-4 Build Video Games In Minutes

All of this happened with just two prompts. The first one defines what it should act like: a developer GPT with expertise in developing applications. Then, it was told to create a Pong-like game, and that’s what it did right here. There are a lot of interesting things you can do. You can also ask it to make a Mario game or a Flappy Bird game. The sky is the limit. There are some amazing applications waiting for you to explore if you get your hands on GPT-4.

With GPT-4 Build Video Games like Ping Pong In Minutes

The only caveat here is that GPT-4 is currently only available to people who have ChatGPT Plus. Now, ChatGPT Plus is a subscription that you need to buy for about 20$ per month, and with that, you get access to all of the features that GPT-4 has to offer from OpenAI.

3. Use GPT-4 for Exam Preparation

Now, if you’re not the type of person who’s into games, you can actually use GPT-4 to prepare for your exams. Yes, you heard me right. This is The Benchmark released by OpenAI, in which it shows how GPT-4 has performed in all of the global standardized tests. So, you have SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, TOEFL, IELTS, AP, Art History, Biology, and similar exams that can be done with UPSC and IIT-JEE exams as well.

And it will be able to pass a lot of these without a hiccup. Just to show you, this is how it performed for the bar exam: 990, LSAT: 88, GRE quantitative: 80, verbal: 99. It can help you prepare for the exams that you want. You can easily ask it to be a biology teacher and then teach you a specific concept, or you can ask it to be a math teacher and explain a particular thing. It is just like the way you did it with building a Pong game, and I think it is very interesting. A lot of students would love to use it, and I am sure that you will find value from it.

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4. Build Chrome Extensions with the help of GPT-4

Just to give you some simple examples, this is a tweet by Jake. He’s saying that he built a simple Chrome extension in just a few hours, and it gave him a step-by-step process for creating a Chrome extension from scratch. That is the power of GPT-4. It also wrote the code and gave a pop-up with a pirate theme, as you can see right here. So it can understand the context that you want for your tool. Also, if you want to see the prompt, here is the prompt that this guy created for the Chrome extension:

A simple and sleek pirate-themed extension using manifest version 3 that, when opened, reads any highlighted text on a web page and summarizes the text in an open Chrome pop-up using Pirate’s Peak while adding a pirate-themed joke about the text.

So basically, it converts any text on a website into a pirate-themed text with a joke as well. That’s essentially how it works. Have the extension use ChatGPT API to generate pirate summary, including a fresh button on the extension pop-up. That’s how it works. And this is what GPT-4 responded with to create the Chrome extension.

For the steps, you can create a new folder, then you can create a new file called manifest.json, and then you can go ahead and build it out yourself. Again, there are lots of amazing applications. It just depends on you and what your imagination is like, and what you want from it. And you can create it with the help of GPT-4.

5. With GPT-4 Understand What’s Happening In Images

Another application of GPT-4 is to understand what’s happening in an image. So, as you can see, this is the image that we have right here. It says, “What is funny about this image? Describe it panel by panel.” What it does is that it gives you context by showing a package of a lightning cable adapter with three panels and a layer smartphone with a VGA connector plugged into its charging port.

Then, the package with a lightning cable adapter, the picture of a VGA connector on it. The humor in this image comes from the absurdity of plugging a large, outdated VGA connector into a small, modern smartphone charging port. GPT-4 can understand the humor in an image as well. What surprises me the most is that it is able to accurately tell that this is a VGA port and that this is humorous because someone is trying to attach an outdated port into a new, modern smartphone. That is how amazing and powerful GPT-4 has become. You can input an image, and it can understand exactly what’s happening in it as well.

6. Duolingo Max powered by GPT-4

Another use case of GPT-4 is right here with Duolingo. Even before GPT-4 was launched, the people at Duolingo were experimenting with it, and they have just launched Duolingo Max, which is the best plan for advanced learning. As you can see, it comes with new AI-powered features that allow you to explain your answer, get AI-powered personal feedback in your lessons, and even do role-play practice such as ordering coffee, planning a trip, and more with AI.

Duolingo Max, a learning experience powered by GPT-4

That is what you get with Duolingo Max if you want to learn a new language. GPT-4 is here to help with the help of Duolingo Max, and that is how this interface looks and works. This is the role-play that you get with it, and you can order foods and drinks. That is just one of the examples of how GPT-4 can help you upskill by learning a new language.

7. Khan Academy on steroids with the help of GPT-4

At the end, I won’t leave you with this. This is Khanmigo, which is basically Khan Academy now on steroids with the help of GPT-4. As you can see, you can ask it whatever questions you have, and it will be able to respond to you in a much better way. It will help you learn pretty much anything that you want to. So, you can ask it any particular question.

Khan Academy on steroids with the help of GPT-4

You can also ask it to explain the solution for that question and explain it to you, whether you are a five-year-old or a 20-year-old. Ask it to give you a detailed explanation if you are someone who is into research and who wants to know every minute detail about it. That is what you can do with the help of Khanmigo, an AI-powered Khan Academy assistant at your disposal.


In conclusion, GPT-4 is a powerful generative AI tool with numerous use cases that can revolutionize the way we work and learn. With its improved capabilities in processing larger text inputs and multi-modal inputs, GPT-4 can create fully functional websites and video games, and even aid in exam preparation. The possibilities with GPT-4 are endless, and it has the potential to transform the way we approach problem-solving and productivity.


What is GPT-4?

GPT-4 is the latest generative AI model developed by OpenAI, which is an improvement over its predecessor GPT-3.5. It has the capability to accept up to 25,000 words of text and is multi-modal, meaning it can accept images as input and provide text as output.

What are some of the improvements in GPT-4 over GPT-3.5?

GPT-4 has several improvements over GPT-3.5, such as the ability to accept more words of text, multi-modality, and improved accuracy.

What are some use cases of GPT-4?

GPT-4 can be used for various applications, such as converting a website sketch into code, creating video games, exam preparation, writing essays, generating content, and more.

How can GPT-4 be used to convert a website sketch into code?

By providing a basic layout of a website, GPT-4 can generate HTML code for the website. The generated code can then be used to create a fully functioning website.

Can GPT-4 be used to create video games?

Yes, GPT-4 can be used to create video games. By providing prompts to GPT-4, it can generate code for games such as Pong, Mario, Flappy Bird, and more.

How accurate is GPT-4 compared to its predecessor?

GPT-4 is 42% more accurate than its predecessor GPT-3.5.

How can one access GPT-4?

Currently, GPT-4 is only available to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, which is a subscription-based service offered by OpenAI for a fee of $20 per month.

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