ChatGPT Job Replacement: 9 Jobs That Can Replace By ChatGPT AI

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ChatGPT Job Replacement: As we move into the future it is becoming increasingly clear that AI will replace a lot of jobs that we’re used to these days. But one thing is clear, this will gradually happen over time so you still have some time to prepare for this change and maybe to learn some skills that will make you irreplaceable. But in order for you to do that you need to understand what the AI can do and that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this article. I’ll show you 9 examples of jobs that will easily be replaced by these advanced technologies that we’re getting these days and it should be pointed out that for all these jobs.

It’s really the entry-level positions that will be replaced first. Yes, very sad anyway. So keep that in mind while we move through the list. The AI that we’re referring to here is open AI’s ChatGPT a state-of-the-art Chatbot that has everyone confused by how good it actually is we’re using the open Beta And if you want to try it out I wrote an article on how to set up ChatGPT and how to get going really quickly.

9 Examples of ChatGPT Job Replacement

But now it’s time to look at some of these examples of jobs that will be replaced by chatbots just like ChatGPT right here.

9. Content Writing jobs will replace by ChatGPT

Let’s get started. Number nine: content writing. I think you might have already guessed this one. Well surprise, content writing is such a wide field of work and it can include anything from writing blog posts to captions for videos. And yes, this does pay really well. But hear me out, ChatGPT can literally write a blog post in a matter of minutes. Sounds scary? Every sentence that this chatbot comes up with makes proper sense, and it’s actually scarily good. ChatGPT is really good, and there’s no denying it. But it can only work at levels where human creativity isn’t required, meaning you can write informational articles to the software, but it does struggle if you are trying to come up with a specific viewpoint on a topic that isn’t actually available on the internet.

But even with that, the software does actually threaten the content writing field, and here’s why. I can ask it through this little command prompt here, literally anything. So, what I’m just going to come up with is, “write a blog post about why Teflon pans are superior to cast iron,” which I don’t think that they are, but let’s see what ChatGPT comes up with.

ChatGPT writes a blog post

So, I only had to give it a prompt about Teflon pans and cast iron, and literally, it’s coming up with, in a matter of seconds, a full blog post about why Teflon pans are superior to cast iron. Now, I don’t know if this is something that’s already been written online, which is one of the reasons why using a service like ChatGPT can be risky, because you don’t know where it’s sourcing this information from.

So, it’s always good to be able to just use this maybe as a baseline. And if you are going to be doing something like a plagiarism checker, running this through a plagiarism checker and finding out where it is, maybe taking this information because, again, it’s not coming up with these original ideas. ChatGPT is essentially an aggregator of information online, and then it’s taking that and then forming it into a specific type of structure.

When you ask ChatGPT to write a blog post on any topic, it will, in fact, write the whole thing. But then, you want to have a target audience in mind as well. So, let’s say you want the target audience to be girls. All you need to do is enter the topic name and write “targeted at girls” with it so that, again, you can just sit back and watch it write all this stuff in literally seconds.

The blogs aren’t the only thing that I can write. In fact, you can even get it into writing perfect sales copy for any kind of business. For example, you can see, I’m just going to ask ChatGPT to write this in the form of a sales copy letter about Teflon.

ChatGPT to write this in the form of a sales copy letter about Teflon

And as you can see here, it is literally writing this in the form of a sales copy letter. I didn’t have to think of anything except the prompt that I’m giving to ChatGPT. So, as you can see, it wrote it out and potentially even originally as well, and it actually writes some pretty compelling sales copy.

8. Copywriters jobs will replace by ChatGPT

Let’s start with an obvious one copywriters. And as I mentioned before we’re talking about entry-level copywriters here. Top-tier authors or people that are booked for their style or their unique vision still will have a place in the workforce and in our society, no doubt about it. But if you currently make your full-time living writing captions for social media posts or writing blog post articles. Well, it’s probably time to start getting a little worried.

But instead of me just talking about it let me go in here and show you why that is. So if it just opens up with write me a blog post here and then I pick any topic, it will do exactly that.

ChatGPT Job Replacement: Copywriters jobs will replace by Chat GPT
Copywriters jobs will replace by Chat GPT

In the above image you can see that How ChatGPT wrote a blog on 5 ways to loose weight today. There you go I mean have a look the voice is generic but it’s really good. But okay maybe the AI doesn’t understand the psychology so well and doesn’t know who to Target here. Well, the thing is you can tell it if I just go in here and say targeting Millennial and I can do that.

 Copywriter jobs will replace by Chat GPT
ChatGPT writes blog

And it even accounted for my typo here but you might say hey Igor there is surely more to copywriting than just writing blog posts, well this thing can do most categories. If we go to Fiverr we can see some popular categories that people actually Book on a daily basis right? So, let’s try sales copy and social media copy as an example.

Chat GPT write sales copy
ChatGPT write sales copy

Foreign look at that, this is a very advanced writing style, and you can tell it what voice to speak in. I mean, come on, and even for social media, this just unlocks a ghostwriter that is available 24/7 and charges like a cent per caption.

Chat GPT write sales copy for instagram
ChatGPT write sales copy for Instagram

Look, it even did the hashtags for you, so clearly this is going to be very hard to compete on.

7. Programming jobs will replace by ChatGPT

But let’s look at our next job that should probably be worried about these tools. Okay, and here’s a truly scary one for anybody that acquired the skill of programming. Everybody stay calm As you might know, the skill set of this concrete chatbot goes way beyond just a simple conversation with a human being. It cannot just write code in multiple languages; it can also translate and debug it. And look, coding is an extremely wide field.

Okay, so if you’re a full stack developer with 20 years of experience, you have nothing to worry about, because there’s just certain things that this thing won’t be able to do for another 5 to 10, maybe 20 years.

But if you’re in an entry-level position that just kind of had to do all the footwork for the senior programmers, or your income is freelancing from tasks like web design or simple Python scripts, well this thing is going to be more responsive, and probably more reliable than most human beings, let’s just start
with an example for a simple Python script that automates the moving of files on your computer.

Programming jobs will replace by Chat GPT
Programming jobs will replace by ChatGPT

Voila! It picks the right package, writes the whole thing for you, and the funny thing here is, if I take this code, I can even go in and say, ‘I have this Python script that has a mistake in it; can you fix it for me?’ and then all I’ll do is, ‘Sneakily remove this ‘join’ part of the script. And look at that, it re-inserted it.

Chat GPT fixed python script
ChatGPT fixed python script

And what does it do if I say, “Create a simple one-page website in JavaScript for my car sales company” And there you go: a great starting point; and these are just some examples of tasks that the Senior Programmers would give away to Junior Programmers.

Chat GPT create a simple one-page website in JavaScript for car sales company
ChatGPT create a simple one-page website in JavaScript for car sales company

Well, now they have this option, and you can do the same for different languages. Okay, so those are simple tasks, but what happens if I told it: okay, translate this Python script to Node.js? And it simply does it! Incredible.

Chat GPT translate python script to Node.js
ChatGPT translate python script to Node.js

But let’s look at our next job–

6. Customer Support jobs will replace by ChatGPT

In a lot of cases, their job is looking at emails or requests and answering those, so let’s have a look. Your company just received a customer email, and the chatbot is supposed to answer. Let’s just tell it in human language that we received this email, and we need help from the AI. And just to have some fun here. Let’s say we sold the computer, and the customer is furious because it doesn’t work on the day after he purchased it. What would the AI reply here?

Customer Support jobs will replace by Chat GPT
Customer Support jobs will replace by ChatGPT

And look at that, all from one line of input. If it actually knew what our company is doing, and had a database of emails associated with clients and their purchases, it would immediately know what computer he bought, and it could send it a tutorial on how to fix the issue at hand I mean, this is incredible. It costs virtually no money, it’s available 24/7, and it’s always forthcoming and helps in the best way available.

5. Data Entry jobs will replace by ChatGPT

Thousands of people around the world earn a living through data entry, but ChatGPT is a major threat to this job. There are so many ways in which ChatGPT can be used when it comes to automating data entry tasks. One of the most straightforward methods is to use ChatGPT as a chatbot that can actually collect data from users through a conversation. For example, if a company wanted to gather customer feedback, it could use ChatGPT to ask questions and collect responses from customers through a chat interface. This data could then be automatically input into a database, which saves the company time and effort.

ChatGPT is actually really helpful when it comes to tasks that involve large amounts of data, such as contracts and invoices. On top of that, ChatGPT comes with several benefits. First of all, it reduces the time and effort that goes into data entry. Second, it’s super accurate compared to human entry. After all, the software is capable of extracting accurate data. This is great for employers who are looking to save money and produce more. Companies will be able to avoid massive labor costs and money spent on training and onboarding new employees.

For people in jobs like data entry, ChatGPT might actually turn into a nightmare in just a few short years.

4. Lyrics and Songwriting jobs will replace by ChatGPT

Number four lyrics and songwriting. Did you ever think that software can actually replace songwriters? Well, you should start thinking about that now because, yes, ChatGPT has the capability to write songs. Now, also, because the software is designed in such a way that it can actually hold a conversation with humans, it’s pretty easy for it to come up with an entire song if given the proper prompt. For example, I can ask it to write a country song about a man who loves his Teflon pan and beer.

ChatGPT writes a song lyrics

So, it actually came up with an entire song which is questionably good. Let me ask it again to do the same thing and see if it comes up with a brand new song.

ChatGPT writes a song lyrics

All right, so we did come up with a new song, but the lyrics are very similar to the original. So here’s where you can start to see some of the unoriginality of ChatGPT when you are asking it with these prompts. But again, this might be where the human element does have to come in. All right, so I’m gonna try one more, and this time make it a little bit more complex. I’m gonna have ChatGPT come up with the song in a K-pop style, and the man lost his ambition until he found his Teflon pan.

ChatGPT writes a song lyrics

So I don’t actually know how to sing in a K-pop style, so unfortunately, you’re not going to be graced with that rendition. So even though the software isn’t that advanced to write the perfect lyrics, the way that it’s working, there’s actually a really big possibility that it might end up replacing songwriters in the near future.

Now, let’s discuss three another jobs that ChatGPT will replace. But, let’s clarify, by “replace,” I do not mean this job will be gone and nobody will be doing it anymore. What I mean by “replace” is that instead of a 10-person team working on a project, it might just be enough to have two people plus ChatGPT.

I think there’s still a lot of things humans will have to do, but what’s relevant for this article is the fact that the jobs that will partially be replaced now are exactly the ones that will be erased first when this thing upgrades to version 4, 5, 6……15.

And, what are your choices if someone puts a gun to your head? What are you talking about? You do what they say or they shoot you? Wrong. You take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one, or you call their bluff, or you do any one of 146 other things. So, with all that being said, let’s look at three more jobs that Chat GPT is revolutionizing right now.

3. Lawyers Jobs will replace by ChatGPT

First up, lawyers. And again, we’re talking about entry-level positions here. So, let’s look at what lawyers routinely do. A lot of the work is looking at and studying previous cases that might apply for the current case they’re working on. They also summarize and craft arguments to present in court. And everything I just described can be done really well by a language model like ChatGPT.

It is not unthinkable to feed it most court cases that have been decided upon in the history of the United States. Once the database is categorized and processed by AI language model, it could search for similar cases and instantly write up a report that could replace hundreds of human work hours. And again, that doesn’t mean lawyers won’t be needed anymore, it just means that one will be able to do the work of five.

Maybe even you could filter for the specific judge that you’re going to face, and it’s just going to analyze every court’s transcript ever and give you a route that has the highest probability of success. Truly crazy stuff, but something that seemed like a distant future a few years ago. With examples like ChatGPT, it’s rapidly turning into reality.

2. Social Media Marketers jobs will replace by ChatGPT

And the next job where competing got a whole lot harder is social media marketers. Over the course of the last few years, there has been a literal tidal wave of social media marketers that popped out of nowhere. The reason this business became so popular is first of all, there’s a lot of demand for it because obviously every business kind of needs social media channels.

But secondly, because the barrier of entry is really low. You can simply take your phone, shoot some pictures, write a few captions and sell that to clients. Okay, that’s one version of the business, but then there’s the second part where it’s running ads. And there’s just so many courses and videos online that teach you how to do this that this isn’t rocket science either.

You simply test various ad copies, see what works better and then just run with that and sell it to your clients. So why is AI super dangerous for this? Well, if you look at the stat back of a social media marketing agency, it begins with sales. Well with AI, it’s really simple to compose emails and to send them to hundreds of people.

Then you go into the phone calls or meetings with a script that also AI prepares for you. And let’s say you get the sale. Next up, you’re going to have to brainstorm some ideas for a client. Well, let’s consult ChatGPT, give me some ideas for social media content for a bakery assuming a bakery is our client here.

Chat GPT gave some ideas for social media content
ChatGPT gave some ideas for social media content

And there you go, I just came up with a list of ideas I could present to my clients. Copy that and paste it into an email and you just did the work of half of the brainstorming ideas for your business. Okay, but then you’re going to have to create the content too, right? But in most of the cases, these small social media agencies don’t shoot the content themselves.

They hire professionals like me. That’s actually my core business. I help companies and agencies create video content. So, let’s say the client likes number five and they commission a videography to create the content. Now all they need to do is schedule it, which software makes extremely easy and write captions for it. Write me captions for Point number five.

Chat GPT can write social media caption
ChatGPT can write social media caption

Perfect. Okay, but now there’s the advertising part of it, right? Well, it’s just one prompt: Write me sales copy for Facebook ads for my bakery client.

Chat GPT can write sales copy for Facebook ads
ChatGPT can write sales copy for Facebook ads

Done. Alright, and last but not least, we need to target it too. What target audience would enjoy this sales copy?

Chat GPT tells about Facebook Ads Target audience
ChatGPT tells about Facebook Ads Target audience

It literally tells you, target people near to the location or people that run special events such as weddings or birthdays. And let’s be real, if somebody’s a little tech savvy, he’s gonna automate all of that: email’s idea generation, communication with the client, and even the advertising part. And all of a sudden, one Savvy social media marketer is gonna outperform 20 others. Social media agencies are gonna have a hard time competing, no doubt. So while all that is super interesting,

1. Business Consultants jobs will replace by ChatGPT

The last job that is in trouble here is Business Consultants. The classic model of simply over hiring people and then help your clients is simply not as effective as it could be once you add AI to the equation. If you ever worked in consulting or know people that have, you will know that it’s a common practice to let people learn on the job. Just go help the client and you’ll learn while you do it.

Well, guess what? AI can do that automatically and then deliver results right away. It cannot just learn of one person but it can learn of a day database of all the past clients the consultancy company has served. So instead of the client getting a 23-year-old that has no business experience, it will all of a sudden get the experience of thousands of consultants and the data from tens of thousands of businesses.

And once it filters for the region of the business it’s consulting and its income level and the competition in its area. Well trust me, that 30-page report is gonna have some actionable items that go beyond what a newbie could come up with. And very quickly it’s going to be hard to justify a full-time salary for hundreds or maybe thousands of people if maybe all it takes is some of your best performers and some trainees to replace them in a few years.

But hey, let me say this. Consulting is a very, very wide area. But yeah, the stack is really scary, especially for young people that are trying to enter the market and find a place in society for themselves. At the end of the day, you need to be able to bring something to the table that society wants and will want.

So yes, all this is very scary, but it’s also very powerful, and let me tell you that the best way to deal with it is not by ignoring it or pretending like this doesn’t exist. The very best thing you can do is actually educate yourself on these topics and start using these tools to your advantage, and my mission here is to bring you content that will help you on that pathway.

So go ahead and check out articles that shows you some everyday use cases for how this will be able to enhance your life today. Alright, I hope you learned something and subscribe for more content like this.

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  1. Q1: What is ChatGPT?

    ANS1: ChatGPT is an open AI Chatbot technology developed to automate conversations and tasks. It is capable of writing copy, creating programs, and providing customer support.

  2. Q2: What are the nine jobs that will be replaced by ChatGPT?

    ANS2: The nine jobs that will be replaced by ChatGPT are entry-level copywriters, programming jobs, data entry and transcription, customer service and support, telemarketing, and market and survey research.

  3. Q3: What is the impact of ChatGPT on copywriters?

    ANS3: ChatGPT will replace entry-level copywriters by writing blog posts, captions for social media, sales copy, and even social media copy.

  4. Q4: What is the impact of ChatGPT on programming jobs?

    ANS4: ChatGPT will replace entry-level programming jobs by writing code in multiple languages, translating, and debugging code.

  5. Q5: How can people prepare for the change brought about by ChatGPT?

    ANS5: People can prepare for the change by learning skills that will make them irreplaceable and understanding what AI can do.

  6. Q6: Will senior programmers be affected by ChatGPT?

    ANS6: Senior programmers with years of experience will not be affected by ChatGPT as there are certain things that the AI will not be able to do for several years.

  7. Q7: Why is AI dangerous for social media marketing?

    ANS7: AI is dangerous for social media marketing because it can automate various tasks such as composing emails, brainstorming ideas, creating content, and even advertising. It can also deliver results faster and more effectively than human workers, making it hard for social media marketing agencies to compete.

  8. Q8: How does AI impact business consulting?

    ANS8: AI impacts business consulting by providing clients with the experience of thousands of consultants and data from tens of thousands of businesses. It can quickly analyze data, generate reports, and provide actionable items that go beyond what human consultants can come up with. This may make it difficult to justify paying a full-time salary for human consultants in the future.

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