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In this article, I want to teach you how to use the OpenAI Playground. The OpenAI Playground is, in a way, even better than ChatGPT because it doesn’t have the same censorship that we have been seeing in the past few months with ChatGPT.

OpenAI Playground vs ChatGPT

So first of all, what is the difference between OpenAI Playground and ChatGPT?” I asked ChatGPT to answer this,

OpenAI Playground vs ChatGPT

And they answered that Playground is a browser-based platform for experimenting with OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI models, including language models like ChatGPT. You can enter prompts and receive generated text responses. In contrast, ChatGPT is a specific instance of OpenAI’s language model, and it is specifically fine-tuned for conversational text generation.

OpenAI Playground vs ChatGPT Summary

So in summary, Playground is a more general platform, while ChatGPT is a specific conversational AI model.

How to Create an Account on OpenAI Playground

So first of all, we need to sign up.

Step 1: Go to

OpenAI Website Interface

Step 2: Click on API

OpenAI API Interface

Step 3: If you already have an account, log in. Otherwise, click sign up.

Step 4: Enter your email and click Continue.

OpenAI Playground account creation with Email Address.

Step 5: Write a password and click Continue.

OpenAI Playground-Password-creation

Step 6: Verify your email.

Step 7: Fill in your name and click Continue.

OpenAI Playground First and Last name fill up

Step 8: Verify your phone number by putting in your phone number and clicking send code.

OpenAI Playground-Phone-Verification

Step 9: Enter the code that they send you.

OpenAI Playground-SMS-Code

Step 10: They will ask you how you primarily want to use OpenAI. Choose “exploring personal use”.

OpenAI Playground primarily use option

Okay, so this is what it will look like.

OpenAI Playground Interface

Is OpenAI Playground Free (Manage Usage & Free Credits)?

Now, the first thing I want to answer is people ask, ‘Is this free?’ Well, yes, it technically is free. You get a certain amount of credits that you can use. You can check this by clicking on Personal and clicking Manage account. So, this here is your usage.

OpenAI Playground credit usage

You’ll see that they have automatically added $18 to your account. You don’t have to add any credit card information, absolutely nothing. And you can see that this credit expires on April 1. So, right now I have my $16, and I’ll show you as I’m using OpenAI that we will still have almost all of this left, even after we do all of the different prompts.

OpenAI Playground Demo:

So let’s click on Playground. This is basically like ChatGPT, except it’s called Playground and can do more than just the things that ChatGPT can do. Okay, let’s test out some of the things we can do. First of all, let’s ask it to write a tagline for a new business about women’s swimwear.

Okay, so it has just given us a tagline – ‘Look and feel your best in the water with Women’s Swimwear from [insert business name]’. Now, let’s ask Playground to give us ten business name ideas for women’s swimwear.

OpenAI Playground prompt

Playground functions in a very similar way to how ChatGPT does.

Okay, now let’s ask it something else. Come up with a branding plan for Oceanista. I want a beautiful, feminine color scheme. And now it’s just giving us a branding plan with some colors and even some ideas for a logo.

OpenAI Playground prompt 2

You can just keep asking requests and asking it to expand on things or to give you more ideas. And it’s an amazing software for brainstorming.

How to save OpenAI Playground preset

ChatGPT allows you to save all of your conversations on the left side, and with Playground, you have to start fresh. You could click “save preset,” and it says, “this will save the current Playground State as a preset, which you can access later or share with others.”

OpenAI Playground Save Preset

So we could put “Women’s Swimwear branding plan” and then write a description if you want and click “Save.” So when you go back to that, you’ll have this here as a preset.

OpenAI Playground Speech to Text

But let’s just click on Playground again to start fresh. Now, one thing that Playground has, that ChatGPT does not have, is a speech-to-text option. So you can click on that and then click Start Recording and connect it to your microphone.

OpenAI Playground Speech to Text

And you can just ask whatever prompt you want to ask, such as ‘Give me a list of 20 beautiful baby names that are biblical’, and then you can click ‘Use as input’ and then click ‘Submit’


Transcribe Automatically from Audio Files using OpenAI Playground

Now, another thing that you can do with the Speech-to-Text option: let’s just erase that. We can click on that, and we can actually upload audio from our computer. So, you can upload a video or an MP3 file and have it transcribed automatically.

OpenAI Playground transcribe automatically

So, let’s click on that, and now it’s going to transcribe our file for us. And you can see that just like that, it has transcribed this entire file and even included appropriate commas.

OpenAI Playground transcribe automatically Audio files

There are a few commas I see that are missing, but in general, it’s done an amazing job. So what you can do is you can just right-click, copy, and save that on Microsoft Word or whatever you want.

How to create Quizzes using OpenAI Playground

And this is great if you’re working as a transcriptionist. Now, you can also click ‘Use as Input’. And then, what you could do is, let’s say you’re working as a teacher and you want to do a quiz based on this text. I could say, ‘Write five true or false questions based on the text above’ and then click ‘Submit’.

OpenAI Playground creates quizzes

Now, you can see here that they did not phrase the questions properly. It says, ‘Sarah lives in Australia’. Of course, that should be ‘Does Sarah live in Australia?’ So we could say, ‘Rewrite the questions with proper English grammar’. So you can see it’s not perfect. We needed to give it a little help. ‘Is Sarah from Australia?’ ‘Does Sarah wake up early in the morning to feed her chickens?’ You can develop a test or a quiz in a matter of seconds.

Model Types in OpenAI Playground

So now, I want to talk to you about the settings on the side here. Here we have the model type, and this is the model which will generate the completion.

OpenAI Playground Model Types

Some models are suitable for natural language tasks, while others specialize in code. You can click on “Learn more” if you want to learn about each model. The default one they have is the Davinci-003, which is the most capable model in the GPT-3 series. Every time you ask a question, it takes tokens. If you use a different model, like a less advanced model, it will cost you fewer tokens. But, I’d like to show you now how many tokens we’ve used so far.


If we go here, you can see we’ve only used $2.47 out of the $18. I’ve even played around with this, and I haven’t recorded it. So really, you don’t have to worry too much. It will take a lot of questions to use up this $18 of credit.

What is Temperature in OpenAI Playground?

Let’s go back to the playground, and we’re just going to keep it at Davinci. Now, we have temperature, and this controls randomness.

Temperature in OpenAI Playground

So what this means is, as the temperature approaches zero, the model will become basically more repetitive. So let’s just keep it at 0.7. You can experiment with that if you want.

What is Maximum Length in OpenAI Playground?

Now, maximum length is an important one. The maximum number of tokens to generate requests can use is up to 2048 or 4000 tokens.

What is Maximum Length in OpenAI Playground?

So, if you’re wanting to ask Playground to write you an essay, for example, you will have to increase this up to the maximum; otherwise, you’re just going to have to keep clicking Submit.

Difference between ChatGPT and OpenAI Playground

Now let’s talk about the difference between ChatGPT and Playground, and why I prefer Playground. Let’s say I want to ask Playground to write a 500-word argumentative essay about why Prince Harry is basically like the British version of the Tiger King, and then click Submit. And you can see that it’s actually forming an essay for me.

ask Playground to write a 500-word argumentative essay about why Prince Harry is basically like the British version of the Tiger King

It’s saying, “It’s been said that Prince Harry is essentially the British version of the Tiger King, and this comparison is not far off.” They’re talking about how both Prince Harry and the Tiger King have wild lifestyles, and it also talks about how they both love animals. So it’s actually done the essay that I want it to do.

Now let’s ask ChatGPT the same thing. So you can see here that ChatGPT now has some censorship, and they’re saying, “As an AI language model developed by OpenAI, I’m programmed to avoid engaging in any harmful or misleading content, including the comparison of Prince Harry to the Tiger King.”

ask ChatGPT the same thing

So you can see that because of the censorship that’s now been added to ChatGPT, Playground is more willing to do what I ask it to.

OpenAI Playground Presets and Examples

Now, let’s look at the presets. So, really, you can ask Playground to do whatever you want the same way you would with ChatGPT, but they also have a lot of ideas. So, if you click here on ‘load preset‘, you can see all these different ideas.

OpenAI Playground Presets

And at the bottom here, let’s click on ‘more examples’. They’re going to show us some of the things that we can do.

OpenAI Playground Examples

OpenAI Playground Q&A (question and answer) Model

One of the models is a Q&A (question and answer) model.

OpenAI Playground Q and A Model

So, if we click on ‘Open in Playground’, they’re giving us an example. Basically, you’re going to ask it a question and it will answer you.

OpenAI Playground question and answer model

For example, ‘What is the capital of Spain?’ or ‘What is the population of Canada?’ Okay, so this is just one of the presets.

OpenAI Playground Summarize Text Into Simpler Concepts

Another great one is summarized for a 2nd grader, so it translates difficult text into simpler concepts.

OpenAI Playground summarized for a 2nd grader.

Let’s click open in the playground. What you can do is summarize this for a second-grade student. Let’s say we have this article on television from Wikipedia, and I’m going to paste it and then click submit.

OpenAI Playground summarized for a 2nd grader of Wikipedia Article

Now it has given me a short little summary, and I could even say, “Summarize this again, but include more information about the history of the invention.

OpenAI Playground Translate English To Other Languages

Let’s look at some more examples of things we can do. There’s translating to other languages.

OpenAI Playground English to other languages

So it says, for example, ‘Translate this into one French, two Spanish, and three Japanese.’ Now let’s click ‘submit.’

OpenAI Playground English to other languages wikiedia article

And if it stops like this, it’s because we haven’t adjusted the maximum length. So I’m just going to click ‘submit’ again, or I can increase the maximum length, and then you can click ‘cancel’ to stop.

OpenAI Playground Grammar Correction

We also have an option called grammar correction, and this is great if you are not a native English speaker.

OpenAI Playground Grammar Correction

So this can correct sentences to standard English. For example: ‘She no went to the market’ can be corrected to ‘She did not go to the market.’ Okay, let’s try something else: ‘Your my favorit teacher’ can be corrected to ‘You are my favorite teacher.’ So the tool has corrected that sentence for us.

OpenAI Playground Grammar Correction tool

OpenAI Playground Spreadsheet Creator

We even have something called a spreadsheet creator, and this is great if you want to quickly get a lot of information.

OpenAI Playground Spreadsheet Creator

For example, a two-column spreadsheet of top science fiction movies and the year of release. Let’s try something else – a three-column spreadsheet of the Men’s Health Sexiest Men Alive in the last 15 years, with their age at the time of being awarded. So we’ve got name, year awarded, and age.

OpenAI Playground Spreadsheet Creator example 1

Oh, this is pretty amazing. I mean, look, okay, again, just increase the length, just keep going.

OpenAI Playground Spreadsheet Creator example 2

But add a fourth column that includes their zodiac signs, and you can see here that it’s even including their zodiac sign. I mean, it’s so amazing what the software can do.

OpenAI Playground Movie To Emoji

We even have an option, which is movie to emoji, and this allows you to convert movie titles into emojis. So let’s click open in Playground. This says, ‘Convert movie titles into emoji.’ Let’s put another one, for example, Home Alone, and submit. Now it’s doing that. Okay, let’s try another one: Die Hard, Harry Potter.

OpenAI Playground movie to emoji

You might wonder, ‘What can I do with something like this?’ Well, there are tons of incredibly popular videos on YouTube that are actually just emoji quizzes. For instance, ‘Guess the Taylor Swift Song by Emoji’ has over 500,000 views, and there’s another one with 55,000 views. These are all really popular.

Movie to Emoji

If we go here, it’s literally just a game with emojis, and you have to guess what it is. The song is ‘Bad Blood.’ Then they have the next one. You can make a video like this and create these sorts of emoji quizzes and have your own YouTube channel with this kind of game. You could do this for all sorts of movies or songs by different artists.

OpenAI Playground Notes To Summary

There are even notes to summarize. Turn meeting notes into a summary. Convert my shorthand into a firsthand account of the meeting.

OpenAI Playground Notes to summary

OpenAI Playground AI Chat

There’s a chat. It’s an open-ended conversation with an AI assistant, and you can really just continue talking to the AI bot. So, for example, can you help me create a PowerPoint presentation on the solar system?”

OpenAI Playground AI Chat

“Sure. What information would you like to include in your presentation? So you can just engage with the AI, and it will ask you what kind of information you need and what you want.

OpenAI Playground Mood To Color

So, you can see there are so many amazing things that you can do. These are just some of the examples. The last one I want to show you is really cool: it’s Mood to Color. Turn a text description into a color code. For example, the CSS code for a color like a blue sky at dusk.

OpenAI Playground Mood To Color Example 1

Then they’ve given us this one, so let’s click open and Playground, and click Submit. This is the color code they gave us, so let’s check out and see what that actually looks like. We’re going to copy that, paste the code in here, and click Convert.

Color Converter

And that’s the color here. So, you can have a lot of fun with that as well. These are just some of the basic things that you can do; there are so many other things.

OpenAI Playground Mood To Color Example 2

I recommend you open up examples and check out all of the different options. If not, just click on Playground, and you can just ask it directly. You don’t even have to load a preset. Turn this title into emojis, and you can see that it’s done it as well. So, you don’t even have to load a preset; you can just directly ask it in Playground.

So thank you guys for reading this article. If you have any other writing prompts that you like to use when you’re using Playground, let us know in the comment section. Make sure to subscribe to my website for more articles like this one.

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