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How To Use Microsoft New Bing AI Chatbot | ChatGPT

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The game is heating up. Bing has introduced AI-based conversational search on Microsoft Bing. This comes just a couple of days after Google announced that they are introducing something called Bard AI, which is their conversational agent. There have been rumors about integrating a ChatGPT kind of solution within search, and there have been a lot of videos, articles, and discussions about whether ChatGPT can replace Google.

But today, we are actually going to witness that there is a possibility that this conversational AI inside a search engine might make sense. I’m still not sure who is going to use it, how far we are going to use it, or whether we will actually desert Google because we have found Bing with ChatGPT quite good. I don’t know the answers to these things, but in this article, I’m going to show you how you can use Microsoft Bing AI chatbot, which is still on a waiting list, and also some examples that Microsoft has put together for us.

How To Use New Bing AI Chatbot Powered By OpenAI Model

First of all, when you go to, you would see this new thing saying “Ask me anything”.

How To Use New Bing AI Chatbot Powered By ChatGPT

That’s quite clever. You can ask anything, but the moment you ask, it doesn’t do anything because it has not been enabled for all of us. That’s where, when you click on “Learn more”, you will see that you can join the waiting list.

New Bing join the waiting list

Once you click that, you will see “Join the waiting list“, and then it says that “I’m on the waiting list”, but you can click that particular button and then join the waiting list, which you should do before you can get access.

Access the new Bing

Also, it’s the same usual Microsoft thing that says that access in new bing even faster, what you can do certain things, and then you can, you know, get ahead in the waiting list. This has always been a Microsoft thing, to always push their product. I’m quite surprised that they are ready to use this opportunity even to do that. That’s a very simple comment that they are trying to make. Users, Microsoft converts are used to that. But having said that, how impressive this is, we cannot check it unless we have certain examples that Microsoft has given us.

What are the examples? You can see certain examples. Click ‘learn more’. Once you scroll down, you can see certain things that you can ask.

New Bing Examples

What kind of things can you ask? You can ask a short question or a long question, anything in between. Okay, that’s quite clever. So, what kind of questions can you ask? You can ask about having a meal plan or if people are coming over to your house and you want some help. You can have trips planned from using Bing. You can get ideas about what you can do with your kid if you have certain items. How to get fit? Can you write a poem? Like one of the things that I was quite impressed with ChatGPT is writing a poem, so it can write a poem for you. Fishing trip? Write a small story. Coding help? Need a fast car? Music Festival? All these things. Now, where does it become interesting?

It becomes interesting in the FAQ section. Like we can see certain examples, but it becomes even more interesting in the FAQ section.

New Bing FAQs section

Why? First of all, it explains how Bing generates new responses. It searches for content on the web, summarizes it, and then presents it. What I found surprising is that it doesn’t mention ChatGPT anywhere. That was quite surprising for me. Maybe it’s not ChatGPT, maybe it’s their own model. I have no clue, but it looks like they have not mentioned ChatGPT anywhere. Rather, what they’re actually saying is that they are working with their partner OpenAI to deliver an experience that encourages responsible use.

This confirms that it is still an OpenAI model, but they didn’t mention ChatGPT or GPT-3 anywhere. Now, they have a few more things. One other thing that caught my eye is whether AI-generated responses are factual. That’s a very clever question, and the answer is that Bing aims to base all its responses on labeled sources. However, AI can make mistakes, and third-party content on the internet may not be accurate. Again, this is a very interesting approach. I think Microsoft has stood up and decided to take action while Google is still evaluating how they should deploy this and making it scalable. Kudos to Microsoft for that.

Now, let’s get to the questions. In itself, I was quite interested and surprised and happy with the way they are doing it. For example, if I go with this: what art ideas can I do with my kid, like arts and crafts ideas with instructions for a toddler using only cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, paper, and string? It clicks right on Bing and is going to actually look for it.

New Bing Examples Arts and crafts

And this is where you have got the sidebar, this is where you have got the Bing chat, whatever it is called, the new logo. It says, ‘I found something,’ and then it gives you the instruction and it also gives you a citation. One of the things that a lot of people have been talking about ChatGPT or why ChatGPT is not a good solution is it doesn’t give you citation, it just gives you the summary. That’s good, like a summary is good for a lot of things, but sometimes you need a citation to go back and refer if it is true, and that is where this is quite good. You can see the citation here,

New Bing citation

we’ve got the link and then you have got the number that gives you the citation that helps you go to that particular article. This is good, I think this is probably a good approach in terms of one, if you are a content creator, if you have got a blog, then you can still get traffic from these search engines. Second, if you’re a consumer, you have more trust over the links that you can start believing in. So this is how the result looks like and you can ask more follow-up questions. You can click ‘let’s chat.’ So it says chat mode is right now available only for the new Bing.

New Bing Chat Mode

What is the new Bing? New Bing is where they are expecting to have this thing so that chat mode is like you can ask a question and from that question, it will give you something, then you can ask another question. This is what they are calling the new Bing, so chat mode is currently available only for the new Bing for which I told you to join the waiting list.

But otherwise, you can look at the examples here, and the examples are quite good. For example, write a poem here, so it writes a poem.

New Bing write Poem

And because these are all predefined questions and answers, any small change that you make will not work fine. So, it has written a poem, and this is quite a very ChatGPT poem. You can actually see the poem and then say that it’s actually been written by ChatGPT. And if you change anything, like, for example, write a poem for my, let’s say, nine-year-old, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because they have got certain templated queries for which they have already come up with answers.

You can see another example, but unless you get the new Bing, you cannot access this for any question that you want, and you can check all the other questions. So overall, it’s quite impressive. First of all, for the fact that Microsoft decided to put it out and show some examples and show a UI of how it is going to look like, while Google is still figuring it out.

So one point for Microsoft for the boldness. Second thing is, I am quite looking forward to seeing this new competition between Microsoft and Google. Google has been an unbeaten king for quite a while, and it looks like finally Microsoft has got something, especially because everybody is interested in ChatGPT. Looks like people might try it out, so let’s see how this competition is going to play out. But ultimately, as a consumer, I’m quite happy that we have a healthy competition in the AI world.

If you are a Microsoft user, you can do these few tricks that Microsoft has given you to gain access faster. But again, I’m really looking forward to the new Bing so that I can compare the new Bing with ChatGPT’s raw responses and Google bard to see how this search engine powered by AI chat or conversational agent works out. So, see.


  1. What is Bing AI chatbot?

    Bing AI chatbot is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot developed by Microsoft and OpenAI, which can assist users with various tasks through conversational search.

  2. How does Bing AI chatbot work?

    Bing AI chatbot works by searching for content on the web and presenting it to the user in a conversational format. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand and respond to user queries.

  3. How can I access Bing AI chatbot?

    To access Bing AI chatbot, you can join the waiting list on the website. Once you're on the waiting list, you'll receive access to the chatbot when it becomes available

  4. Can Bing AI chatbot replace Google?

    It's too early to tell whether Bing AI chatbot can replace Google, as it's a relatively new technology and not yet widely available. However, it's clear that Microsoft is investing heavily in conversational search and is committed to making it a central part of the Bing search experience.

  5. What are some examples of things I can ask Bing AI chatbot?

    You can ask Bing AI chatbot a wide range of questions, from planning a trip to writing a poem. Microsoft has provided several examples on the website, and the chatbot can also provide instructions and citations to help you with your query.

  6. How does Bing AI chatbot generate responses?

    Bing AI chatbot generates responses by searching for content on the web and summarizing it in a conversational format. It aims to base its responses on labeled sources, but acknowledges that AI can make mistakes and third-party content may not be accurate.

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