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How To Use Chat GPT For Beginners By OpenAI 2023

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Welcome to this Article on how to use chat GPT the Revolutionary AI chatbot created by OpenAI. This state-of-the-art artificial intelligence allows you to generate conversational text to any questions you might have. It can even code for you. In this article, I’ll be showing you how to set up an account and how to use it because there’s two different interfaces that you can actually use.

For now the AI chatbot is completely free but if I check my usage page I can see that every request cost me, so in the future this will be paid but for now you can use it completely for free. But only time will show how much it will exactly cost.

Chat GPT Usage
Chat GPT Usage

Alright it’s time to get you set up so you can use this revolutionary technology, for your own benefit.

1st Step: For the very first step you’ll open your browser and type in, you can also just click the link

2nd Step: Then in order to use it you’ll need an account with open AI the company behind this. So simply click sign up

How-to-sign up-at-Chat-GPT
Chat GPT Sign up

3rd Step: And create an open AI account, here you fill out a new email

Chat GPT New Email Sign up
Chat GPT New Email Sign up

4th Step: Now Create your password

Chat GPT password creation
Chat GPT password creation

5th Step: Verify you Email, OpenAI sent an email to your given email id. Click the link inside to get started.

6th Step: Now Fill your First and Last Name then click on continue button.

Chat GPT First and Last Name Fill Up
Chat GPT

7th Step: Now, Verify your phone number via SMS code

Chat GPT Phone Verification
Chat GPT Phone Verification

8th Step: Enter SMS code

Chat GPT SMS Code
Chat GPT SMS Code

9th Step: After verifying your email and the phone that connects with your account, you’re ready to go.

And now if you log in at you will be faced with this interface. And this is the basic interface and now you can start asking it questions.

Chat GPT Interface
Chat GPT Interface

But I want to show you another way to access this because this is the user-friendly way but you can also go to the playground over at, and in the playground we get more customization options.

OpenAI Chat GPT beta Playground version
OpenAI Playground Beta version

So you can actually pick the AI model that they trained here and while the DaVinci 003 is the newest one that is also used in this user-friendly interface, you can pick other ones in order to learn more about the technology. Most of the time DaVinci will be the best one but it’s just interesting to see some of these options here.

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For example now you can go ahead and lift the maximum length of the characters. So if you’re trying to write an essay this is a great way to control the length. And while you could just use this and say: “write me a 1000-word essay on artificial intelligence” There you go.

write me a 1000-word essay on artificial intelligence
GPT write a 1000-word essay on artificial intelligence

Some of these manual controls can be useful and here is the killer feature that I’ll end this with. You can load these presets okay. And these presets can be a fantastic starting point to explore the chat.

If you want even more inspiration you can go to and then you can see an even wider range of examples of what to use this for: like this movie title to Emoji Transformer.

Chat GPT movie title to Emoji Transformer
Chat GPT movie title to Emoji Transformer

I went through this page and created a video on the most useful ones right here and I hope this article helped you out.

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  1. 1. What is Chat GPT?

    ANS: Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot created by OpenAI. It allows users to generate conversational text to any questions they might have, and can even code for them.

  2. 2. How do I set up an account for Chat GPT?

    ANS: To set up an account, follow these steps:
    Go to
    Click on “Sign Up”
    Fill out a new email, create a password, verify your email and phone number via SMS code

  3. 3. Is Chat GPT free to use?

    ANS: As of the knowledge cutoff of 2021, Chat GPT is free to use. However, the cost of usage may change in the future.

  4. 4. What are the different ways to access Chat GPT?

    ANS: There are two different interfaces to access Chat GPT: (user-friendly interface) (with more customization options)

  5. 5. Can I control the length of the characters in Chat GPT?

    ANS: Yes, in the interface, users can control the maximum length of characters.

  6. 6. Does Chat GPT have any preset options?

    ANS: Yes, Chat GPT has preset options that can be a great starting point to explore the chatbot. These presets can be found in the interface.

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