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Know How Chat GPT Can Improve Your Everyday Life 2023

How to use chat GPT as personal writer, an introspection, an analogy maker, Too Long Didn’t Read (TL;DR), notes to summary etc.

Are you tired of typing out long and complicated messages with the results still being kind of average, or do you have to read through long research papers or articles for work or university, but really a well-written summary would be good enough too? Well, fear not!

Introducing Chat GPT, the AI-powered chatbot that solves these issues and so many more for you. In
this article, I’ll be showing you how to use it in everyday scenarios to superpower your work life, you’re studying, or just to make communicating with other human beings via text way easier. And best of all, it’s still in beta and completely free, so there’s really no reason not to try this out.

5. Use Chat GPT as a personal writer

You can use it as a personal writer that is available 24/7. It’s as well-educated as is the internet and it can use various writing styles, but let me show you this in practice. So let’s say you’re at work and your boss gave you an extra task and you don’t have the time to complete it without neglecting other tasks. Instead of tediously writing up by e-mail and checking it multiple times so it’s polite and well-written, simply say,

“Write me a business e-mail to my boss that tells him that the new task that I receive requires me to give up other projects”.

Chat GPT can write business email
Chat GPT can write business email

And look at that, perfectly structured, polite, and to the point. But maybe, we don’t want an e-mail but a WhatsApp message, so let’s say now: “write it in one sentence”:

Chat GPT writes Whatsapp message

This personal writer you can also use for essays, blog articles, or even reports if you feed it some of the information that you came up with, and best of all, it’s really good at the English language so there will be no mistakes in there when it comes to grammar and vocab. Always double-check the info because sometimes it can mess up.

4. Use Chat GPT as an introspection

Next up, we have my personal favorite use case: it can answer questions, but not just factual questions like Google could answer; you can give it personal questions related to relationships or mental health and it will actually come in with a lot of good advice.

As valentine’s day is coming up, let’s look at an example where I ask Chat GPT what I should get my girlfriend for valentine’s day: “What are some creative ideas for valentine’s day presents that my girlfriend would enjoy?”

Chat GPT can suggest valentine's day gift for your Girl Friend
Chat GPT can suggest valentine’s day gift for your Girl Friend

This is too good – I mean really, these ideas are more creative, unique, and interesting than most human advice on this question: look, favorite flowers, a box of chocolates or a bag of her favorite candy, a gift certificate for a massage or spa day, a subscription to her favorite magazine or streaming service, a book or journal that she has been wanting to read.

And you can always just go in and say “do you have five more” and look it even has some advice:

Chat GPT can suggest more gifts
Chat GPT can suggest more gifts ideas

3. Use Chat GPT as an analogy maker

Alright next up we have the analogy maker and as the name already implies this allows you to create
analogies for various situations in life. This will come in really handy in business but also in personal communication. Now let’s assume that you met a new girl and you really like her and you want to answer something witty but you can’t think of anything and maybe you’re about to meet her and it’s raining outside so let’s ask chat GPT for help here.

“I am about to meet with a girl I like and I want to make an analogy about the rain outside”

Use Chat GPT as an analogy maker
Use Chat GPT as an analogy maker

here’s an idea for analogies you could use to describe the rain outside. And while these are great if
you’re writing classic literature, let’s just say, “can you use more everyday language?”

Use Chat GPT as an analogy maker

And here you go. An extremely romantic approach to the whole thing. What if we told it: “less romantic”

Use chat Gpt as analogy maker less romantic

And wow, look at this analogy. Okay, you might not use this in the conversation with the girl, but you get the point. You can also just tell it: ‘Analogy maker, I’m really tired.’ And, as it’s contextual, if I want more I’ll just tell it more analogies, please. And there you go.

Use chat Gpt as an analogy maker for getting tired

If you tell somebody, “Feeling tired is like trying to run a marathon on empty. You might be able to push through for a little while, but eventually you’ll need to stop and refuel.” I think they should get the message here.

2. Use Chat GPT as Too Long Didn’t Read (TL;DR.)

And the next everyday Use case would be a TL;DR. If there’s a long article, chat GPT can summarize it for you. So, for example, let’s go to Wikipedia and copy the entire part about the future of artificial intelligence. If I simply say, ‘TL;DR’, and then in quotation marks I post the article, it gives you one paragraph with the key points in the entire text.

Use Chat GPT as Too Long Didn't Read (TL;DR.)

So, I can pull this up two minutes before a meeting starts and I could educate myself on topics that otherwise would take maybe an hour. Nice! The amazing thing here is you can use it on research articles or if you have PDFs, just copy out the text, paste it in here, and it will summarize the whole thing in
one paragraph for you. Now of course, this leaves out some of the information in here, but if you need to get a bird’s-eye view of the topic, this is the way to do it.

1. Use Chat GPT as notes to summary

Last, but not least, it can take your notes and turn them into a summary. So, from now on, every time you’re diving into a new topic or you met a new person, all it takes is taking a few notes and this thing will
spit out an entire summary that you can use as a social media post or you can send it out via an email. And I’ll just say, ‘Notes to Summary,’.

So, if you’re learning something from here on out, all you need to do is take notes, and it can write essays just from the notes. Okay, so I think it’s beyond clear that this tech is game-changing, but it’s also worth considering that this power could be used for evil purposes too, and that’s exactly what this article is about.

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  1. Q1: Can Chat GPT write emails and other texts in different writing styles?

    ANS: Yes, Chat GPT can write emails and other texts in various writing styles.

  2. Q2: Can Chat GPT provide advice on personal topics such as relationships and mental health?

    ANS: Yes, Chat GPT can provide advice on personal topics such as relationships and mental health.

  3. Q3: Can Chat GPT make analogies for various situations?

    ANS: Yes, Chat GPT can make analogies for various situations in life.

  4. Q4: Can Chat GPT summarize long texts?

    ANS: Yes, Chat GPT can summarize long texts and provide a well-written summary.

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