Chat GPT Prompts: 3 Most Important Use Case Of Chat GPT

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Chat GPT is the latest trend on the internet and everyone around you is talking about it. Here are the three most important use cases of Chat GPT that, if you use it, can turn you into a super human, boosting your productivity and helping you to get things done faster.

1. Use Chat GPT For Job Interview Preparation:

The first use case is that Chat GPT can actually help you prepare for your job interviews. That is crazy! Let’s say that you have a job interview for a Data Scientist position. So, this is the prompt that you would put into Chat GPT. You would basically just say,

I want you to act as an interviewer. Right, I will be the candidate and you will ask me the interview questions for the position of Data Scientist. I want you to only reply as the interviewer. Do not write all the conversations at once. I want you to only do the interview with me, ask me the questions and wait for my answers. Do not write explanations and ask me the questions one by one, just as an interviewer would do and wait for my answers. My first sentence is, ‘Hi’.

Now, this is the prompt. Then, it will start asking you certain questions. You can reply to those and you can get better at understanding what type of questions are asked in an interview. This will act more like a mock interview to prepare you for the original interview so that you know exactly what type of questions people ask normally for certain interviews, for let’s say, Data Scientist role, Software Developer role, and how can you effectively answer those questions. So, this is a great problem that you have to try out.

Use Case of chat GPT Prompts
Use Case of chat GPT

2. Use Chat GPT for Self Improvement

Moving on to the second prompt, self-improvement, there are multiple things you can do with the help of ChatGPT. Number one, you can ask it to create a new unique daily routine for you, depending on what you normally do. For example, if you have a 9-5 job, or if you like to play badminton in the evening, you can enter those things and it will create a complete routine for you taking into account all of these parameters. Additionally, you can also ask Chat GPT to create a great diet and gym workout plan so that you can stay fit or lean, depending on your goal. I use this prompt I said that

Act as a gym trainer and a nutritional coach, and give me a detailed workout plan and a diet plan for an Indian 25-year-old, 68kg weighing male.

Chat GPT Use Cases
Chat GPT use case

Right, so you enter that, and this is what I got: an elaborate description of what I should lift, how much I should lift, what day I should lift, and what I should eat, how much I should eat for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. Everything is in front of you now. That is crazy! I did not expect Chat GPT to be going in such depth and giving me all of the nitty-gritty details for the plan.

What you can also do is, you can ask it to act as a senior software engineer and devise an in-depth roadmap for you to become a software engineer, or a React engineer, or an iOS developer in three months or less. Or, you can be more specific, and you will get a complete plan for what should you learn, where should you learn it from, and how can you build projects. What are the types of projects you can build that will help you do all of it yourself?

Chat GPT act as senior software engineer
Chat GPT act as senior software engineer

What you can also do is, you can ask it for a step-by-step guide on how to do things right, like how to cook certain food recipes. Or, you can also ask it to create your own Chrome extension. The best part is, it will give you all of the step-by-step processes. You don’t need to know anything before prompting it. You can simply just say that,

Hey, give me a step-by-step, detailed action plan for making a Google Chrome extension that turns every website into dark mode.

Chat GPT can create Chrome Extension
Chat GPT can create Chrome Extension

I did this, and it gave me an elaborate 15-point list that I had to go through; it was a step-by-step plan. OK, first of all, click here, then do this, then enter this, then create this file, then enter this into this file and upload it. That is just amazing! If you are someone who loves to tinker with technology, chat GPT is going to open up a whole new realm of possibilities for you.

3. Use Chat GPT Tools like YouTube Summary with chat GPT and TweeGPT3

Now, last but not least, here are a couple of tools people have made with the help of chat GPT: Number one is YouTube Summary with Chat GPT. Essentially, what this does is when you install this Chrome extension,

YouTube Summary with Chat GPT
YouTube Summary with Chat GPT

you open up a YouTube video, you will see a rectangular box right next to your video which says “video transcript.” When you click on that, you will see the entire transcript of that video in English. There will be a button that says “summarize.” When you click on that, it will copy the complete transcript, feed it into a prompt for Chat GPT, and ask for a video summary.

YouTube Summary with Chat GPT

For the same, and what will happen next is going to blow your mind: Chat GPT gave me a complete summary of the YouTube video that I have just watched. This means that I no longer need to spend hours and hours watching a particular video. I can simply feed it into Chat GPT and get a summary and gist of what the person is trying to convey in the complete video. That can also help me to create repurposed content. I can ask it to create a list. So, YouTube Summary with chat GPT is something that I think every one of you should be trying out yourself. Also.

There’s one more tool called TweeGPT3. Once you install the Chrome extension, you can go to any particular tweet.

TweeGPT3 Google Chrome Extension
TweeGPT3 Google Chrome Extension

If you want to reply to that tweet, you click on the reply button. Below, you will find a robot icon. Press that and you can select the tone you want the tweet to be in. Then, this AI will create the reply to that particular tweet that you want to reply to. You can make it sarcastic, passive aggressive, snarky, optimistic, or however you want the reply to look. I think the results speak for themselves, as you can see on your screen.

TweeGPT3 Google Chrome Extension

This is what it looks like.

These are the three major things you can do with the help of Chat GPT that will literally turn you into a superhuman, enabling you to get things done faster and with less effort from your own side. Now, one of the most important skills that I think everyone should be learning in the next 10 years is going to have a massive upside. It’s going to be prompt engineering. Knowing what to ask, how to ask, and what terminology to use to get the right output from the AI chat is going to be a highly important skill for everyone to master.

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